Website Technology

Websites don't build themselves; they must go through the process of creation by a designer or developer. To help with this, Bryant & Stratton offers the latest technology to simplify this process, including the entire Adobe Creative Suite®, as well as courses to teach its students how to perform in each program.

Using Adobe Dreamweaver, the creation of a website has never been easier. With the split screen and live code options, you can see your website being built as you type it. The ability to preview the code directly in a browser allows you to ensure that the website works as intended in every browser. Also offered is the ability to create the website in design mode, allowing Dreamweaver apply the code for you. On the other hand, you are able to type it all by hand, giving you total control over what is seen.

Through the use of Adobe Photoshop, touching up photos (and even template design) is never out of reach. Perfecting the look of your website is essential to attracting users, and Photoshop allows one to do just this. Adobe Illustrator is also a great tool to use when working with easily resizeable graphics, including logo and icon creation.

Adobe Flash is the featured program used to create Flash animations or games. At Bryant & Stratton, you will learn how to use both the interface of Adobe Flash and the programming language "Actionscript" for further control. Flash can even be used to create graphics for a website, or even a website itself!

You are not limited to using programs to create a website; it can all be typed by hand, using the languages learned at Bryant & Stratton, including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS), and much more! This gives you the choice of creating a website by hand or accepting the helping hand of a program.


Interactive Media Design


Students learn several programming languages where they will develop skills in data handling, modular programming style, structured programming and user interface development.